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Our team of experienced professionals is able to meet the needs of clients of all types and sizes - from small start-ups to large corporations. We ensure sustainable changes and measurable improvements.
Contact us and find out how Weber Consulting KG can support you on your way to more cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity consultants at successful work


Protect your business against cyberattacks, ransomware attacks and data loss. 

Do you need an independent assessment of your IT security in your company? We help you with IT security audits and risk assessments.

Penetration tester at work


We offer you modern penetrationtests as a service for your company.

Knowing your vulnerabilities and how attackers might exploit them gives you great insight into how you can significantly improve your security posture.

Digital certificates for secure data transmission


Employees are the weak link in a company’s cybersecurity.

Offer your employees security awareness training in combination with simulated phishing attacks to improve your cybersecurity.

Darknet monitoring for vulnerability detection


Find out about cyber attacks before they happen.

With our darknet and deep web monitoring, we'll alert you when your sensitive data shows up on dark web markets, forums, botnet logs, IRC, social media and other sources.

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